We build Social Networks

We are world's most integrated Online Community Building Platform, helping like-minded people (and Brands) connect, communicate, and collobrate in real-time to grow their business and passions.

We are a SaaS Platform Laboratory

We dont sell our code, but instead licence it to our client's strategic business advantage. We keep you updated with latest innovations, tech upgrades and bugs resolutions, at no additional cost. We are completely Whitelabeled and host our applications on your business Domain(s) and App Stores.

Web Development

We build highly-engaging dynamic Websites, on our propriotery Sutra CMS, hosted over the cloud.

Mobile App Development

We publish native Android and iOS Apps, to keep your brands alive and abuzz in every pocket, 24x7.

Artificial Intelligence Bots

We help you leverage the very best of artificial intelligence to automate your insights to engagements.

Data Enrichment Support

We make your data perform on your KPIs, with enrichment to retargeting campaigns, driving results.

Online Ad Campaigns

We help you run programatic online campaigns - both on search and social to gain sustainable traction.

Offline Events & Activations

We bring your brands to life with Meetups, Workshop and LIVE Events serving emmersive engagement.

Our Brands & Businesses

as a group we have been serving clients with variety media and marketing solutions over last two decades. With our legacy skillset in turnkey branding and marketing solutions, we have now shifted our focus on building sustainable digital marketing platforms, aiming at redefining the overall social marketing landscape.

Sutra Networks is a Social Network Builder Platfrom, which allows you to build an Online/Virtual Community for your Brand, Interest or Society to stay connected, engaged and updated in private or public.

Site Sutra is a DIY (Do It Yourself) Website Builder Tool, which helps brand(s) create their desired digital assets without any prior knowledge of HTML or Javascript, with preset themes and modules.

Form Sutra is an easily integratable Form Builder Application, which allows you to create Lead Capture Forms, Survey Forms, and Newsletter Subscriptions with real-time integration in your mailing lists.

Propaganda Events Media Group is the LIVE Brand Engagement division, which creates noise (propaganda) for Brands, with unconventional Experential & BTL Marketing tactics.

Out Technology Stack - Nothing but Latest

with our tech stack you should be rest-assured of keeping your digital assets, updated with the newest innovation on the block. We constantly keep updating our stack to update the very best of security, scalability and speedy delivery of content, on our microservices based API platforms, architected over best cloud solutions.

Our Leadership

our team is as diverse as our platform, and we thrive on collective backgrounds, experiences, insights, and passions of these accomplished professionals to help our clients get an unmatched personalised attention to their community marketing campaigns turning their brand visions into sustainable realities.

SutraTech Labs

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