Connect, Engage and Gamify

Upgrade to our Social CMS and unleash the power of Web 3.0 Community Marketing Stack to build an engaged stakeholder value chain.

Our Platform Matrix

if marketing was a warfare, we are your arsenal, to cut through the clutter and build a sustainable noise.

Community Building Tool

We help you justify better ROI of your marketing dollars spent on new customer acquisitions

Lead Generation Tool

We help you collect prospect data with AI Bots in absolute control of legal frameworks

Performance Marketing Tool

We help improve conversions by customising and personalising content at relevant times

Customer Support Tool

We help you serve real-time customer support within the community or at corporate levels

We are a Collobration Platform

work together in real-time and build business intelligence

Leverage artificial intelligence to your business advantage, with our natively embedded bots. Get enriched prospect personas and user engagement metrics, deliver affinity based content, moderate UGC content with NLP best practices and build real-time business intelligence. Build an intelligent lead funnel to increase your digital ROI to take your stakeholder collaboration to next level…

We are a Monetization Asset

up-sell your brand experiences not tangible benefits

Think beyond the media and creative, and instead leapfrog the power of Web 3.0 to embrace marketing technology. Work towards graduating every customer and prospect as a brand advocate and influencer. Embrace the power of Social Commerce, up-sell and cross-sell your product experiences in extended networks of your current stakeholders, bringing you multiplier and sustainable business growth.

We are an Engagement Tool

empower consumers to have a dialogue with your brand(s)

Say Goodbye to Websites & Mobile Apps those serve a monologue between your brands and consumers. Say Goodbye to popular Social Networks, those restrict your brands to follow templates and preset algorithms. Instead, leverage the power of social dialogues on a Social Network that speaks your brand language in the frontend, respects your gamification workflows in the backend, and runs on your official domain names.

Our Platform Deliverables

we deliver you a better ROI, without changing your MarTech Stack, Strategy, Agencies or Professionals

Enhanced Engagement

Catalysing user engagement and hence increasing stickiness to your Digital Assets, leading to enhanced organic SEO benefits

Enhanced Lead Funnel

Helping your Websites & Mobile Apps capture more leads, enhancing the ROI of your Digital Marketing & Social Media Campaigns

Decreased Media Spends

Capitalising on the engagement with your native community, we see a correction of approx. 10% p.a. on your Social Advertising Investments

Leverage on Community Marketing

world's biggest brands spend more than one-third of their marketing budgets on 'communities'. Do you ???

Build your Community Today with SutraNetworks

we hand-hold you to build your Community Social Network,
to help achieve your business KPIs

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